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T I M B E R ! ! !


Three Woody Little Bull Arabs Falling Into PHC's Forest ...


Three delightful little Bull Arab pups were in the second litter we took into care yesterday... Their mum is a magnificent big white girl with black patches while Dad's identity cannot be confirmed as yet... Two main suspects are in the firing line - one is a Bull Arab of similar build and colour to the mum and the other is a black and white foxy.... We are watching the size of the pups as they grow as they are currently quite small in size.


Our carer Dannae has given the pups their names which are in the timber theme so we have a Timber, a Lumber and a Flitch... So far, these pups have the quieter nature of the Bull arab breed and appear to be quite placid... We have one boy and two girls. As they are quite young we will be delaying their adoption for a couple of weeks so that we can get them vaccinated and microchipped.


However, we are taking reservations so ring Sue on 0456664255 to register your interest....


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