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There's A New Boy On The Block...Meet Fonze!


Fonze is out latest pup to come out of the pound and is a large boy for a pup who is only just over 4 months old. His feet are so big I nearly called him "Bigfoot" so I think he will be an impressive size, especially when he gains some condition. He is probably a Bull Arab X.


Fonze has a chocolate brindle mask over his eyes and ears and one lone spot of brindle at the base of his tail. At the moment he is way too lean but some nutritious puppy food will soon change that...he is after all, a rapidly growing lad.


He was a bit overwhelmed when we first arrived at the vet and tried to chew off his lead to make a getaway but settled nicely after a while... I think he realised that no one intended to harm him so he relaxed. I believe he was protesting loudly yesterday at the pound about his incarceration. This is probably after seeing me walk away with some other inmates on the previous day so was distressed because he had been left behind.

Everything brightened up when he arrived at the home of his carers and realised that he had a family to share. Thank you to Kiki and Andrew for giving this boy a chance.

If you would like to meet Fonze, ring Sue on 0456664255.


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