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FORTUNE Has Joined PHC In Unfortunate Circumstances...

She is a very tall black beauty who should weigh at least 35 kilos but would hardly tip the scales at 20 kilos. Her emaciated condition plus several untreated injuries prompted the DPI to confiscate her from her owners. As a result, Paws, Hoofs and Claws have taken Fortune into our care.

When we first picked her up on Friday, she was unable to stand unaided because she was so weak plus she had injuries to her hindquarters. It was heartbreaking to see the state she was in but, in spite of everything, it was clear that she was incredibly gentle and sweet. On the way to the vet in my car, she put her head on my shoulder which nearly brought me to tears.
Fortune has been so named because we believe that her fortunes are about to change in a positive way and this girl can look forward to a happy future where she knows nothing but love.

Xrays could only be taken after she had been on a drip for several hours as her condition put her at risk even with a mild sedative. It appears that her pelvis has been injured and is not sitting as it should but we will know more once specialists have viewed the Xrays.

Thanks to Kaitlin at North West Vet Clinic for her initial care and then to Becky at Mount Isa Vet Surgery for following through with after hours care and vet work yesterday. PHC will be doing everything possible to return Fortune to full would be hard to find a young lady who is more deserving.

Thanks once again to Paula and family who are making sure that Fortune gets lots of love and attention while she recovers.


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