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Eels (now Gideon) one of 15 babies born to Sharpei mum in pound and rescued next day - 2 May 2018.

You would go a long way to find two friendlier boys - both energetic and fun loving but super gentle when they need to be. Mowgli was adopted in early 2016 and then was joined by Gideon when he was just 10 weeks old in July 2018. They have become the best of buddies and have bonded so well. Both LOVE to play (with each other and with their family) and are great fans of water in any shape or form.

They have proved to be so gentle when the new baby came on the scene and as you can see from the photos the child adores them both. The dogs have been brought up in a very loving environment which is reflected in their affectionate personalities. Sadly, their family is leaving Mount Isa and is unable to take these wonderful fellows with them.

At this stage we would like to keep this pair together as we think it would be too traumatic for them to be separated on top of losing their family. We are looking for a foster carer who can take both Mowgli and Gideon.. They are simply delightful dogs with good manners and are amazing with children and are happy to share with other dogs.
Ring Sue on 0456664255


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