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Aussie Bush Kids..... I've named them after plants and trees in the Aussie outback...

Yet another litter of eight little darlings has come into PHC care.... This little group of Mastiff X pups came in from Cloncurry on Sunday afternoon... They are just over 5 weeks old but their mum was suffering from stress and needed time out from her pups to recover ... I believe she arrived with her new owner not too long ago in emaciated condition...
The pups, on the other hand, are very healthy little chunkies and are likely to be quite large but with the soft temperament of the breed - usually BIG marshmallows.

Their mum is a pure mastiff but dad has some cattle in him, probably a Smithfield, as half the babies have tiny little bobbed tails about an inch long - ever so cute.
The pups have been checked over by the vet and wormed but are still too young to be vaccinated but we are taking reservations in the meantime... There are five girls and three boys.
Ring Sue on 0456664255 or Paula on 0499198949.


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