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🐾💥🐾💥UPDATE: We now been given the breeds of the mum and dad of these pups... Dad is a Fawn Dane X Bull Arab and mum is a pure Bull Arab so the pups will NOT be small... However, both breeds are very gentle, good natured dogs so you will be getting a sweetheart... VoVo has just been adopted..🐾💥🐾.

Is Everyone On A Diet? Our Biscuits Are Going Slowly...

Unlike most of the biscuits on the shelves these days, our biscuits are not shrinking but are getting bigger .... These tasty little morsels are value for money with great decorative appeal and lots of icing on top....Kingston, Butternut and Timtam have been snapped up leaving just four varieties on the plate.

The litter which we named after biscuits has had a slight setback over a week ago when they all came down with PARVO... Luckily, they seem to have had a mild dose of the virus and each one recovered quickly within days.. On the plus side, these pups will have a lifetime immunity from this dreadful scourge... The pups are such a playful and affectionate little pack who will grow to be medium in size... They possibly have a bit of Sharpei and Labrador in their make-

If you fancy a crunchy BUTTERNUT, an iced VOVO, a yummy JAMDROP or a crispy WAFER, come and sample one by ringing Sue on 0456664255.


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