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A litter of four beautiful red caramel girls were rescued from the pound last Thursday and they are little darlings.  They are so pretty with pale green or yellow eyes and reddish coats.  The little ladies are possibly staffy X pitty and are already showing that they have brains as well as beauty even though they are only about 8 weeks old. 

They are so similar it is hard to tell them apart but we have named them - Paprika, Chestnut, Claret and Jaffa. I think it is Chestnut and Jaffa which are pictured. (Thanks Jacie for the great photos.)

Also a big thank you to Danica and Jacie for putting their hands up to allow us save the quads from the pound.

**Claret and Jaffa have now been adopted**

Sadly, we lost Chestnut recently. An autopsy revealed that she had had a probable severe allergy reaction resulting in anaphylaxis causing massive damage to her lungs. It may have been a bite from a spider or a hornet. 

[15th August 2016]


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