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Three Little Musketeers...


Three little pups are on track to improve their lot in life after being surrendered to the pound in less than ideal condition. The pups are skinny with a heavy worm burden and lack lustre coats so are a pretty sad little crew. However, PHC responded quickly and took them into care yesterday afternoon so they will soon be shiny and healthy with help from one of our trusted carers and her family... Thanks again Sharon!


We have named the trio of munchkins after 'stones starting with G' so meet Graphite, Granite and Garnet. We are still trying to decide on a breed but could have some Labrador or Kelpie in their mix. The pups are only 7-8 weeks old but they will be ready to go to new homes once we have them looking good. They were still pretty lively while they waited at the vet for their vaccinations etc. and the biggest boy in particular was quite vocal about letting everyone know he was there.


If you have been waiting patiently for a pup, come and meet these three by ringing Sue on 0456664255


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