Genteel, Graceful and Glamorous ... That's Grayson!


And guess what‼️.. He has an assortment of unusual grey patches across his face and coat. Grayson has stunning blue eyes which capture your attention almost immediately... (We are surprised that no one came forward to claim him and he has no ID.)


This unfortunate lad found himself rushed to the vet by the gentleman who found him because he was injured... However, after a few days at the vet, he has recovered and is now in PHC care thanks to our new foster carer ... Pippa only expressed an interest in fostering this afternoon and I am not sure she believed me when I told her she would have an animal in no time! Grayson has now made himself quite at home with Pippa and it looks like he will be spoiled with lots of cuddles which I am sure he will love.

To meet this stunning boy, ring Sue on 0456664255.