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Greta - An Anagram for GREAT!!

Spot on!! ...This beautiful brindle girl is a "great" dog who could easily win a 'Miss Personality Plus' competition. Greta (now called Nala) has a gentle and affectionate nature... She is one of Rondell's pups and was adopted when she was a cuddly little parcel. Unfortunately a partnership break-up brought this pretty young lady back into PHC care. We have had her for several months now and would be overjoyed to see her in a happy and loving home.

She can be timid of strangers but has lots of love to shower on the people she trusts..... Greta is an enthusiastic young girl who would enjoy walks and visits to the dog park... She gets on well with other dogs and has been around cats with some of her carers.... While she is physically strong, she can be very gentle especially when she is around children...

Call Sue on 0456 664 255 to meet our lovely Greta.


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