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It's not the easiest job stepping into Sue's shoes... she has only been absent for a few days and already we wish she were here 🤣

Meet Groot - this little fella came into our care after being advertised as lost and no-one came forward to claim him. Trying to find a name for him has been hard..... Sue always has a knack of getting that perfect matching name, usually with a meaning or two alongside - we also try and not double up on names so our database doesn't have a meltdown.

Groot's name comes from a fictional superhero in the Marvel Comics, being quoted as "an invader that intended to capture humans for experimentation." While we don't think he will capture humans for experimentation, we certainly think this little guy will capture your heart.

Groot is most likely going to be a small fellow and is estimated to be around 14 weeks old.

To meet Groot please message our page or call Paula on 0499198949.


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