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We recently bailed out the eight skeletal puppies, plus an older Cattle X pup and a female Wolfhound for a mere $4500.... Wow that hurt...but at least it covers a desex voucher and a microchip.


Everyone who met the eight pups was amazed at just how small they are... the photos were deceiving so our three carers were expecting much bigger puppies.... we doubted if any of them weighed more than one kilo. There were only 2 girls but 6 boys.

Check out their adorable little faces . However, we are not sure that "adorable" would have been the description used by those people waiting to see the vet... It is unbelievable how much racket eight tiny pups in chorus can make. Many ears were ringing for some time...but they can be forgiven as they were frightened and hungry.


The Skeleton Crew of Eight Improving Daily....
The skinny undernourished puppies which were dumped at the pound are improving every day and are starting to look like normal puppies....They are showing their playful little personalities and love to be cuddled and spoiled. We are pretty sure that they are not going to be very big although the jury is still out on what their breed could be.

It's just a over a week since the little crew of skeletal pups came into our care and already they are all looking so much better. They are VERY focused on food which is pretty normal for any pup which has been deprived for any length of time. In fact on Day One, four naughty little urchins got into a bag of biscuits while their carer was at work.... The result was four little bellies wider than the length of the pups... Fortunately there were no adverse affects.
The good news is that two of the pups have already been adopted.....
We have revised our initial thoughts on their breed and think they might actually be quite a small breed... Their feet are quite small and they aren't really growing very much in height as bigger breeds tend to...

Wow, an amazing transformation - check out his new photo!


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