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Surprise!!! MEET Bonny and Clyde's Half Brother and Sister...


Yesterday afternoon a pair of pups was surrendered to PHC... It turns out that their mum is none other than the same mum who had Bonny and Clyde under a year ago... It is clear that they are carbon copies of our popular duo which we took into care last year in July... Bonny and Clyde are now living a great life in Sharon (near Rockhampton) with their lovely owner Paula and her family.


Let's hope that Hansell and Gretel can look forward to the same happy outcome.. The two little sweethearts were so good at the vet last night as they got their vaccinations, microchips and worming. They were understandably shy as it was their first time away from their mum and siblings but they are in great hands with foster carer Sharon and her family.


If they grow to be the same size as Bonny and Clyde, they will only be on the smaller side of medium but good things come in small parcels.


To meet this delightful sister and brother, ring Sue on 0456664255.

Hansell & Gretel

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