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Three babies have been rescued from the pound in spite of the fact that we really had nowhere for them to go.  However, I simply couldn't leave them behind as they were so tiny and innocent.  They are only about three weeks old and are definitely fighters.

They have escaped the fate of a couple of their siblings which were killed by feral cats plus they learned to lap milk in spite of their age in order to survive.

What amazed me was that these three little sweeties have used the cat litter from the moment they arrived at my house even though they were so small they had to climb into the litter.  They are very cuddly and purr loudly as soon as they are picked up.  They were definitely worth saving. I have called them Henna, Harper and Hattie.

Harper is a little boy and he is quite precocious and doesn't fear anything.  He just loves attention!

[22nd June 2016]


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