Our Hungry Jacks 'Outlaw' Is a Reformed Marshmallow....


The brindle boy we called Herbert came to our attention after inviting himself into Hungry Jacks and then KMart - after which he was marched off by the pound.. In spite of his somewhat rocky start, this determined lad has proved to be a fun loving teenager who has responded remarkably well to some love and attention. (Thank you to Ursula and your family for showing this boy that life can be fun.)

He is happy to sit for his meals and treats and even offers his paw for a shake... For a special treat, he will go so far as sitting on his hind legs in anticipation. He is enjoying the company of other dogs and loves his trips in the car. Herbert is even handling a collar and lead quite well these days. He is a quick learner and shows so much enthusiasm for new adventures.

Homeless and Hungry....Herbert Take Matters into His Own Hands!!


When Herbert's hunger got the better of him, he followed his nose into Hungry Jack's looking for a burger.....BUT "No cash...no hash... (browns)!"


The pound was called to remove the intruder but Herbert had made a getaway before they arrived.


Next Herbert gatecrashed KMart hoping his luck would improve and he could pinch a morsel - but no it didn't.... This time he was caught red-handed and found guilty so was incarcerated at the pound.....When we met him in his cage, we heard his story and decided that this determined fellow had earned a second chance so we raised his bail yesterday.


Mind you, his behaviour at the vet (and then at his carer's place) made me wonder if we should have left him behind bars.


However, today a reformed Herbert appeared....gone was the aggression to be replaced by a typical enthusiastic pup.... I think a full belly and the realisation that he was indeed free helped his state of mind.... Thank you to our foster for their patience and care for our ex-con..... we think Herbie is going to be an enthusiastic pet who will be happy to leave his life of crime behind him.