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Little Huey and gorgeous Tikvah have made it through to beat the dreaded parvo virus!! Both were a little anxious this afternoon to leave the vet but are now very happy enjoying their freedom.

Tikvah and Huey both still have quite a bit of recovering to do as they were already quite skinny when they came into our care and now even more so from this dreaded virus.

Pups recovering from parvo are quite challenging as they require a bland and limited diet - a BIG thanks to Steve for taking on this challenge in Sue's absence. We know he'll do a great job!

Contact us if you would like to meet Mr Huey.

A big shout out also to everyone who has donated to PHC's cause - we certainly appreciate it and am pretty darn sure Huey and Tikvah do too...... ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜


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