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Huxley Makes A Return Visit


It is always sad when one of our adopted dogs is returned for whatever reason...

It is even sadder when we find that one has been surrendered to the pound because his owners are leaving town... However, this is exactly what has happened to Huxley after 2 years even though our adoption agreement states that we should be contacted to avoid this outcome. Even sadder was his skinny condition and the fact that he was on a short chain when the pound picked him up.


Huxley was one of our special puppies who was found by police over two years ago lying critically ill in grass at an address they visited. We rushed him to a vet and had him treated for advanced Parvo. Luckily he recovered and proved himself to be a loving and grateful pup and was soon adopted.

Although Huxley was confused and upset and obviously lacking any training when we first picked him up again last week, he has now settled well with Zak and Lorrin in Cloncurry...


Huxley's original affectionate nature is reappearing and he is keen to please and is learning some simple commands.


We would love to see this boy settled in a forever home as he deserves to be happy after already having had a checkered career.


Ring Sue on 0456664255 to arrange a "meet and greet!"


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