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Jagger Settles With New Foster

Jagger is one of the Cattle X pups rescued from the pound mid December. He is the runt of the litter - quiet and gentle. He has got lots of personality and is getting along so well with his foster buddies. The little man loves to play with them and curls up with one in particular to sleep.

Thanks to our new FOSTER CARER GARY for giving Jagger a place to stay until he finds a permanent home..... It seems that he's settled in well. Jagger has explored his new place of residence and is getting to know his new foster carers - he also gets to share the house with three people so there is mostly someone home to keep him company. His most challenging task was to master the large set of stairs giving him access to the back yard but he did it!


  • Sex:  Male

    Age:  5 months @ 11th March 2016

    Breed:  Cattle X




    House trained: 

    Inside or outside dog: 

    Good with children: 

    Good with cats: 

    Good with other dogs: 


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