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It's Time To Meet Barry's Little Mate...

When Barry was picked up by the police he had a five month old pup with him, and while the pup was in very poor condition, he was not nearly so bad as Barry.

After having the pair at my place for the last three days, I now understand why. Barry is such a gentle and amazing dog - he allows the pup to wolf down his own meal and then race under Barry's nose to snaffle up some of Barry's food as well. Apparently when there was food available, which appears to be rarely, then Barry allowed the pup to eat most of it. I have never before seen a starving dog let another dog pinch his food from under his nose so it shows that Barry is a very special dog.

The pup is now called Jethro which means 'abundance' so we hope that he will have food, love and play in abundance to make up for the last few months. We are happy to see that the puppy is filling out nicely and will return to health quite quickly... Barry, on the other hand, has a long haul ahead of him and, while he has inhaled at least six meals a day in the four days we have had him, there isn't a noticeable change in his condition as yet... However, it has taken months for him to get into that state and will probably take some time for him to regain a healthy physique.
Meanwhile, Jethro is starting to come out of his shell and is interacting with toys and attention with the happy reassurance of youth that everything is going to be okay. It is wonderful to see him being a puppy again but he still follows Barry wherever he goes.
Ring Sue on 0456664255 to express an interest in this pup


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