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Just A Disgrace........... Police visiting a property today were shocked to find a little pup shivering in a shed with a dreadful skin condition. Little "Jewel" is only about 8 weeks old and is now in our care.
The poor little mite has the most shocking case of scabies and the skin over her whole body is red raw and itching terribly. She has scratched so badly she has bare red areas and bleeding patches. Her hair is now quite sparse so the low temperatures today are causing her to shiver and shake with cold. Our vet has given her injections and medication to kick-start her road to recovery.

She has been bathed with warm water and a special shampoo and conditioner. I even warmed towels in the microwave to wrap round her in an effort to stop her from shivering. This special "Jewel" then really appreciated her warm milk and puppy food followed by a cuddle in her hot towel. She now has on a woollen coat for 2 reasons - to keep her warm and to stop her scratching so much.

3rd August 2016


  • I'm sure everyone remembers the forlorn little pup which was rescued from a shed in the back yard of a property by the police a couple of months ago. She was alone and unloved and uncared for and she had the worst case of scabies over her whole body. This would have been so painful and uncomfortable for her. She was NOT a pretty sight but Dane took on the challenge of returning the poor little mite to health.

    And what a marvellous job has been done by Dane and his partner Hayley... Jewel is hardly recognizable as the sad little pup we first photographed. Her skin is clear and her hair has grown back and she is the picture of health. She is playing with the older dogs and has a zest for life. It is always amazing what genuine love and care can achieve for any animal no matter how bad its situation.


    [28th September 2016]

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