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Firstly meet our oldest girl who is now five years old and is a bit sad and frightened to have found herself absent from her home.... We bailed her out yesterday and she has spent most of the time since then sitting at the gate watching and waiting for someone who won't be coming. Thanks to Kayla for putting her hand up to mind this beautiful genteel older girl.


Katie is an unusual Beagle X Blue Heeler who has been in a good paddock so she is somewhat overweight.... However, she is in good company there!!!... We may have to enrol her into a healthier regime for a while to get her back into shape. Meanwhile there is more of her to love and she appears to be very affectionate and is also friendly with other dogs. She is definitely a quieter and more placid dog than those which usually come into our care.


If you have a loving home to offer Katie, please ring Sue on 0456664255 to meet her. Katie will need to be an inside and outside girl as she is used to a few comforts.


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