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The Julia Creek Quartet Are In The Isa...

I recently put up a post about four Border Collie X Kelpies who would be coming all the way from Julia Creek to find loving homes.....The little black and white beauties arrived last Monday and have settled in with their carers - Thank you to Shaz and family plus Macey and Hugo - the resident doggies.

These pups were born on 13 September so are just over 10 weeks old. They are a lively little crew and love to play together and occasionally lead each other astray. Like all pups they enjoy checking out anything new and when they are together their exploration sometimes ends in mischief.

Border Collies and Kelpies are both very intelligent breeds so these pups will be doubly clever and will need lots of stimulating and challenging activities and toys... They will respond well to early training and will need some energetic exercise. These breeds do particularly well in agility and obstacle courses and love to show off their skills.... A well trained Border Collie is a joy to have around as they are affectionate and have a sense of fun.... However, because they are intelligent working dogs they do not thrive if they are left to their own devices in a backyard.

If you believe you have the time and energy to make these pups shine, ring Sue on 0456664255 to met them.


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