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A Very Special Little Lady
Kenzie was in the pound in a disgraceful state - there was no hair from her hip back and there was obviously a major problem as her exposed skin was pouchy, scaly and unsightly. The fur she did have was severely matted, dirty and smelly. Her condition was obviously the result of some serious neglect but still she was a bright and bouncy little lady. The vet confirmed that a failure to address possible hormonal issues had resulted in advanced skin damage.
Kenzie's fur was so bad that it took hours to carefully snip between her skin and big mats of fur using nail scissors. After all the offending clumps and mats of fur were removed, she had a nice warm bath and.... voila... beneath the mess was the softest, whitest fur. We are hoping that her fur will grow back on her posterior but, even if it doesn't, she is just the prettiest little imp. Kenzie will be available for adoption when we have brought her back to health.


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