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Kora Has Grown Into A Big Girl Over The Last Six Months....


This in one of Mona's ten pups which were adopted out in January this year.. The pups were all named after popular drinks and this one was originally Amoretto....


Disappointedly, Kora came back to us on Sunday so we wondered if she might have behavioural issues. However, we needn't have worried as she has her mum's lovely disposition and is great with people and so far seems to be fine with other dogs.

When her foster carer talks to Kora, she puts her head to the side as if she is listening to every word - much to Yvette's amusement. She has already been for a couple of walks and is good on a lead and trots along quite happily. Kora is well on her way to being a rather large girl which is to be expected since her mum is a Bordeau X Arab.


If you'd like to meet Kora, ring Sue on 0456664255.


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