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We are possibly pure Kelpie and are too young to be adopted out yet but we can be reserved! 

[`14th March 2016]

Lily4 - ADOPTED APRIL 2016

  • Threeways Travesty

    A young Mt Isa couple travelling back from Katherine were horrified with a scene which greeted them at the Three Ways in the Northern Territory.  A very skinny Kelpie mother was tied up in the sun with no hope of reaching her pups which were less than a week old.  The eight pups (with their eyes still closed) were scattered about in the sun and the bull dust and in very poor shape.

    The owner of the Kelpie emerged from the service centre and, when challenged by the young lady over the sad situation, told her he didn't really want the pups and she could take five of them.  He kept three but since these were in even worse shape than the ones she kept, Jacie really didn't think they could survive.

    As it was, three pups died on the long trip back to Mount Isa.  However, two little fighters have survived on the emergency supplies which ,after urgent phone calls and messages to PHC, were waiting on their arrival to Mount Isa.

    It can only be hoped that these two little babies continue to do well and go on to lead happy lives.


    Thanks Jacie for saving the babies and taking on the challenging job of hand feeding them.
  • These girls are still small and fragile but strong sweet girls.  They are the type of pups that like to curl up on your lap or at your feet and enjoy their humans company and love.

    They are both gentle souls but will surely keep you on your feet and in love!  They would be suited in a home where they are going to recieve tones of affection and tones of play dates!

    This is based on my short time with these two girls - as they are still very young they haven't quiet developed their full personality yet.


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