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Meet Loki - he recently came into our care from Doomadgee.

Loki sustained a head injury of some kind when he was a pup (cause unknown) and it has left quite a ridge on his forehead. Loki was taken to a vet in Cairns where they checked him over and said nothing could be done about his "bump" - we have our vet following up on this, however he seems to be just your normal big goofy pup.

Loki is going to be a BIG boy. He is about 5 months old and still has some more growing to do - his fosters says "he has a bit of an appetite" and we are not surprised! He is still trying to find his feet and thinks he is smaller than what he is.

If you would like to meet this one of a kind dude, please message our page or call/text Paula on 0499198949.


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