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Loki Needs a New Home...

Two extremely cute Labrador X Rottweiler pups were brought into Mount Isa from Dajarrah in November last year so that PHC could find them a home... We had lots of offers so one black boy and one cream boy were homed immediately... The cream pup's name was changed from Toby to Loki by his new owners.
Unfortunately Loki needs a new home as his owners do not have enough time to spend with him and at 10 months this is important...Here is some information from his owners:

"When we first adopted Loki his needs weren't as high, but as he has grown so too has his needs. He deserves someone who can walk him daily and spend the one on one interaction. He is amazing with kids and other animals. I haven't had him desexed yet but he still pees by squatting. He has only just found his voice and has become and excellent guard dog."

As you can see Loki has grown into a seriously handsome lad and, like all Labradors, he is very sociable with people and other animals. Can you give Loki the time he needs to grow into a loveable family member...

Ring Sue on 0456664255 to meet this gorgeous boy.


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