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uppy Project 2020...First Cab Off The Rank..

Lola is the red cattle mum who came to us in a frightful condition about six weeks ago. She was skinny and covered in ticks and with bare patches resulting from mange and apparent injuries which were scabbed over. The pups were in much the same condition but thanks to their carer - Nicole - they are now chubby and healthy.

Today, I had the pleasure of taking Lola and her pups to the vet for their microchips and first vaccinations and just loved to see the change in them all.
Lola's coat has grown back totally and her weight has improved but, what was really great to see, was the happy and friendly dog which has replaced the wary and distrustful girl we saw just six weeks ago...It always amazes me how forgiving dogs can be...
Her pups are all gentle and playful just like their young mum and they have a fabulous assortment of markings....
One of the five pups was adopted yesterday afternoon and the other four are now ready to go to their new homes.

Ring Sue on 0456664255 to meet these little darlings.


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