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Puppies Dumped!! Puppies Rescued!!


Five tiny little pups which were dumped in an industrial area were lucky enough to be picked up by a caring older couple early this morning... They were in desperate need of water and were very hungry... Apparently they were in a pretty poor state but they soon picked up after drinking and drinking masses of water and having a very satisfying meal....


I have given them the names of precious gems because they are already valued little jewels which will soon light up some lucky homes.


Meet the four girls - Opal, Pearl, Lolite and Topaz , plus one little fellow called Onyx.


This gorgeous little girl is Lolite - a gem which features violets, blues and greys which suits her coat... There has to be some blue cattle dog in this girl.



Lolite is the smallest of the litter and weighs in at 1.2 kilos.


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