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LYNX is the super confident girl plus she is super energetic. She is very curious and likes to give everything the 'bite test' and give it a little chew. She can be a feisty little madam and even shows some growling when she is resource guarding. Lynx will need someone to give her consistent training and a few chew toys won't go astray.

Check out little Ermine photobombing in the background so that she can watch what is happening.





Our Staghound X Litter Are All Girls....


Since our five little Staghound X sweeties are all girls and promise to have slightly longer coats , we have named them after popular fur coats.


Their colours are quite varied and after just 24 hours, their new carer, Jenna, has been able to see their individual personalities already shining through. The puppies' mum is a gentle natured Staghound X so her babies are sure to follow in her footsteps.

They had to be kept in a pen as the yard where they were born had been infected with Parvo... Their owners did the right thing by playing it safe as this debilitating virus can be spread to new pups very quickly... However, they needed a bath to clean them up after their confinement in a cage so Jenna (one of our new carers) has done a great job of making them look 'spic and span.'


To read a little bit about each pup's character, go to their individual photos and meet Chinchilla, Ermine, Lynx, Mink, and Sable.


If you would like to reserve one of these cuties, ring Sue on 0456664255.


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