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Let us introduce ourselves.... we are Mannix and Payne ðŸ•

We were recently surrendered to the pound and to be honest we were a bit scared ðŸ˜Ÿ ...... but our luck changed yesterday when PHC bailed us out..... they are even helping us find our forever homes ðŸ 


We had check up at the vet after leaving the pound and we must say, we liked it there - the ladies were so nice - they even let us play and run around the consult room which was so much fun! ðŸ˜

Today we made a Furever Home
Wishlist. We are looking for the following:
⭐️ someone who can spend some time teaching us about life
⭐️ someone who loves to play
⭐️ someone who will take us for walks
⭐️ someone who likes naps

In return we will always be there by your side and can provide you with unconditional love â¤ï¸........ we also can be lap dogs if required...... ðŸ˜

We are mastiff x arab and are only about 16 weeks old so we are still very much puppies ðŸ¶


If you would like to meet either of us, please send a message to our page or call/text ðŸ“± Paula on 0499198949.


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