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MARS.... Our latest "Man On The Block"...

Mars is the name of the fourth planet from the sun which is often called the 'red' planet... The name Mars came from the mythical Roman God of War..
The good news is that our Mars, a possible Ridgeback X, only has one thing in common with the planet and that is his vibrant red colouring... His happy and sociable personality couldn't be further away from the concept of war. Mars gets along with people and other dogs and is a clever lad who is responsive to learning commands. He does have a lot of energy so loves his walks and is sure to enjoy a splash about in a waterhole or a river.
Mars narrowly missed being sent off into the bowels of the universe as he was on the list for euthanasia last Monday. Thankfully, he had a last minute reprieve when Michael put his hand up to foster the handsome red and white dog. I think that his delight at being free is evident in the photos.

There is no doubt that rescue dogs seem to know they have been given a second chance and are grateful and loyal companions...

If you would like to meet this handsome and enthusiastic young lad, ring Sue on 0456664255.


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