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These two beautiful girls were VERY frightened pups when they came into PHC care... It was immediately apparent that they had had a very bad start to their young lives and they clung together for comfort.


For this reason, they have been fostered together by Isabel and Patrick who have put in a huge effort to bring the girls out of their shells....Sadly these wonderful carers are leaving Mount Isa soon to go overseas so, although they absolutely love the sisters, they are unable to take them.

We are all praying that someone will adopt these beautiful sisters together. They have grown into incredibly good looking big girls who love outings and who repay their carers with lots of love and loyalty.


Since we have little information on their background we are guessing that they have some Pointer or Bull Arab in their breeding and they are now approaching 2 years of age. They are over the puppy stage and are well behaved and good natured girls. They enjoy their outings and love to run and swim and especially love to be with their family wherever possible.


Marsha and Salsa are still timid when faced with new situations or strangers but they quickly warm to affection when they feel safe. I would love to see these girls go to their new home before Isabel and Patrick leave so that they face minimal disruption to their lives. We are able to transport them to any destination in Australia to get them to a patient and loving home.


Ring Sue on 0456664255 if you think you have the right home....

Marsha & Salsa

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