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Feisty Little Max ....


Max is a small Poodle X Maltese boy who looks like "butter wouldn't melt in his mouth"...However he has no concept of his actual size...


He gets on well with small dogs but apparently he does not like big male dogs and is quite prepared to show them how he feels. This is the reason he was surrendered to us because his owners were concerned for his safety when he kept tackling their large male dog.


Apart from this "Goliath" quirk, he is a spirited and friendly little man.... He is currently fostered with a male of similar size and they seem to be getting on quite happily.

Max does like children and can in fact become quite protective of them if strangers approach.... He is fairly active for a little fellow even though he is over three years old so he would do well with a canine friend or some children who could throw him a ball.

Ring Sue on 0456664255 to meet MAX (aka Napolean)


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