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This gentle little soul is so easy to love with his quiet and affectionate nature. In spite of being the skinniest and smallest, he is quite a happy little man. 

Meet Raff. Thanks to Erin and family for taking such good care of this darling.

[8th May 2016]


  • We are in the process of rescuing a litter of seven pups - four of which are in urgent need of foster care.  We have already brought two of these little urchins into our care in the last three days but are short of fosters as always.  They are mixed breed puppies with possibly a couple of different dads as there are big differences in them.

    Fortunately most of the litter has improved since these photos were taken.... we have provided high quality puppy food to the owner and had a chat about their condition.

    Apparently a couple of the bigger pups were eating all the food which was available and the smaller weaker ones and their mum were missing out....... we were alerted to the situation by several concerned passers-by and have been able to talk to the owner and see an improvement over the last week.

    I am hopeful of finding homes for each of the pups as they are now 3 - 4 months old.


    [6th May 2016]

  • We now have secured care for four of the pups from the litter in distress from a few days ago.  We have given them new names and they are slowly adjusting to their new lives.  They are quite timid as they have not had a lot of human interaction and are probably missing their mum and their litter mates.  However, they are all very gentle little souls and seem to enjoy cuddles and care so I believe with love they will gain a bit more confidence.

    Surprisingly they are all doing really well with their toilet training even though I have only ever seen them outside in a yard.  They are still quite nervous around food so I think these four have been bullied by the bigger three in their battle to get some food into their bellies.  There is already a little improvement in their physical condition in just a few days.

    Check out the new photos to meet our little quartet.....


    [9th May 2016]

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