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Merla Settles In...

It isn't even a week with us yet but Merla is starting to trust Vicky and Kirran and is relaxing under the care that she is receiving.
Vicky tells me that Merla is the happiest dog which they have fostered which appears to have had a bad past and they absolutely adore her.

In Vicky's words: "She is just happy to be loved and to get the attention she deserves; she's happy to have play mates and food and a bed and it's like she couldn't be more grateful - She is such a sweetheart! I feel like she's had a very traumatic past, the poor little darling."

Merla spent the day at the vet so that her front leg could be Xrayed to see what is causing her so much discomfort and preventing her from putting much weight on that leg... we will now wait on the advice of the specialists who will review the Xrays....

Once again, Merla won over everyone who came near her with her delightful and sociable personality.... she lapped up any attention which came her way and was certainly Miss Popularity for the day.

We are keeping our fingers crossed that Merla's leg is repairable and there will be a good outcome.


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