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Six Stumpies...


Six puppies were bailed out of the pound and our first stop was at the vet.... I definitely think everyone waiting patiently at the vet knew the babies were there as they squawked in chorus...It was the usual pandemonium which ensues when there are multiple pups to vaccinate, microchip and worm....


What I didn't expect was the condition of the pups when we arrived at the homes of their various foster carers. They had chewed a hole in a large bag of puppy biscuits and had helped themselves to a picnic. As a result, six pups with distended and rotund bellies arrived at their destinations.... I did tell each carer that I didn't think they needed an evening meal.


We have been told that mum is an American staffy but the dad is unknown.... They are said to be nine weeks old so since they are quite small, they are unlikely to be any bigger than a small medium in size. They all have a short wheelbase so I can't help wondering if we have six little "Bombers" on the scene.


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