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Milady Sweeps Onto Centre Stage....

Milady (or Maddie as she is now called) first came into PHC care back in July 2015. After a few false starts she was adopted out to a couple caretaking at Lake Julius where she spent some very happy and active years. Unfortunately, circumstances recently changed quite dramatically for Maddie when she found herself in the Mount Isa pound.. We were quite shocked when we got the call from the Mt Isa pound to tell us that she was in there.

Wherever possible, PHC will not let one of our animals down so we make every effort to bring them back under our umbrella until we can find them another home. t is always disappointing when one of our adoptions comes undone but fortunately the percentage is very low when you take into account the thousands of animals which we have rescued and rehomed.

Maddie is quite a lot chunkier than she was when we last saw her but her current carers tell me that she is still SUPER energetic so her weight has not slowed her down. (Check out the three amazing photos which show her in action when she was younger!)

She is a beautiful Cattle dog with a burgundy chocolate coat with white speckling and contrasts. She is an interesting lady and will be very protective of the people she cares for. Thank you to Mick and Kathy who put their hand up to foster this delightful six year old girl.

Ring Sue on 0456664255 if you would like to meet an impressive older cattle girl


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