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This gorgeous little Maltese X Shihtzu came into our care about three weeks ago. He had a broken jaw with nasty bruising around the cheekbone and right eye as a result of a blow to the head.


His muzzle was strapped up in an effort to avoid surgery which would have been very challenging and uncomfortable because of the high location of the break. He was also on a drip because eating was quite difficult at first. Milo didn't like the strapping and ripped it off in a couple of hissy fits so he had to wear a cone and he wasn't too happy about this either. he has been able to eat only soft foods and his carer, Jacie, has had to make sure there are no chew toys or anything else which would tempt him to use his jaws.

It was amazing to see the change in his personality as soon as the 'dreaded' cone came off.....he literally started smiling again.


[31st October 2016]


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