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🐹💕🐾Mini-Mum's pups now adopted so just Mini-Mum herself to go!!🐾💕🐹

SUPER MUM and Her Chunky Monkeys..

Mini-Mum is an unknown breed (possibly Terrier X Cattle) but she has stumpy legs and a longer body.. She is a similar size to a larger Corgi and weighs in at 18.2 kilos. She isn't much more than a pup herself and we are probably looking at her first litter. As a young mum, she is still very playful and hasn't left her puppyhood behind yet.

This girl is so grateful for the care she is being given by Bronwyn and Perry that she is a model house guest... She is also a caring mum who watches over her 10 week old pups with an eagle eye. Mini-Mum was so frightened when I bailed her out of the pound so it is wonderful to watch her already displaying confidence and affection.

Her pups are very chunky and healthy especially Rolly who is a stumpy little fellow who is definitely a 'rolly polly'. Whitney was adopted but her new owner found she was allergic to the pup so Whitney is back looking for a home again and is a black beauty with longer legs.... Little white Elsa is going to be adopted by her carers.

Ring Sue on 0456664255 for a "meet and greet" with this delightful family.


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