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Miss Marple - The Last Detective!!

That's not like the endearing little lady who we have all seen on our TV screens - she's usually well ahead of the rest of the cast. Like her namesake, our Miss Marple is likely to be quietly doing her own thing in the background. .... But don't be fooled as she is observing and evaluating what is happening around her and making up her own mind.

Our little Miss Marple is content to stand back at a distance and assess strangers before she makes an effort to introduce herself. However, her quiet and unassuming behaviour can be misleading because underneath that calm exterior lies a cheeky and witty streak... When she is comfortable with her situation, there will often be unexpected flashes of intelligence and activity...


PHC's Miss Marple is quite a good looker with her beautiful blond hair and her black eyeliner.... Miss Marple is ready to go home but needs a family to welcome her.... Ring Sue on -0456664255 to meet our intrepid little detective.... the last one of a squad of six.

Miss Marple

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