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Christmas Is Coming!!!
And What Do You Think Misty Would Like For Christmas....

Just like all the other animals which are currently in foster care with PHC, I think she would like to have her own home and a family to love her.... With her pretty caramel and black colouring and her playful antics, Misty is very easy to love.

This sweet little girl was found behind Outback at Isa about a week ago but no one has come forward to claim her so we are now looking for a home... She is about 6-8 weeks old but as yet we haven't been able to decide on her breed. She is a smart little cookie and knows what she wants so is definitely no pushover. Misty is small but she is feisty so is not intimidated by her BIGGER foster buddies and can play with the best of them. However, it doesn't take much for her to fall in a heap and have a little nap after some activity.

If you would like to meet this cute and lively little bundle, ring Sue on 0456664255 or Paula on 0499198949..


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