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So many times we have wished that animals could talk and tell us about their past and what has happened to them..... On the other hand, it might be best that they can't, because we think some stories would be too painful to hear.


We have taken in a pretty little lady who was found 20 to 30 km out on the road to May Downs in the middle of nowhere. A group of workers found her a few days ago and looked after her at their camp until they came into Mount Isa today.... Thanks to the workers for making sure that this older pup was taken care of with plenty of food and attention... The pup was covered in ticks but some Nexgard soon took care of that...


I called the newcomer "Misty-May" due to the location of her rescue. We noticed that Misty-May had a pronounced limp so we had her leg x-rayed this afternoon... Unfortunately, she has a long term fracture which was never treated so it is too late to intervene.....The injured leg might improve but she may end up with arthritis in that leg... However she can still move around well enough to make the most of life.


Misty-May is still a young girl and is possibly a Kelpie X although she has a small stature. She is such a gentle and sweet little girl. She is mainly blonde with blue marbling over parts of her body giving her an unusual facial mask.


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