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More Wrinkles Than You'd See At A Grannies' Convention..

Most women (and men) dread the appearance of wrinkles but we have some 'wrinklies' which will be welcomed with open arms... Tonight, Mona Lisa's ELEVEN pups make their first grand entrance as individuals and they are just the most gorgeous little scrunchies you have ever seen in an assortment of colours.

These eleven babies are just over six weeks old and all weigh in at an amazing 5 kilos plus in weight... These will be seriously impressive big dogs even though their mum is on the smaller side for a Bordeau X. They are super chunky and healthy so 'hats off' to Runi and her sister Zealand who have done an amazing job caring for Mona and her family...
We have named the babies after popular cocktails to celebrate the beginning of a new decade.

Runi has also taken these wonderful photos and supplied the captions which give us an amusing and delightful introduction to the eleven pups and their mum.

Ring Sue on 0456664255 to reserve your own set of wrinkles.


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