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Step Aside Ian Thorpedo.. Mowgli Is Swimming His Heart Out....

Mowgli was adopted from PHC over 4 years ago and just came back into our care about 2-3 weeks ago. A big thank you goes to Anna for agreeing to foster this boy at short notice.

Mowgli has always loved his shell pool but had not previously seen an inground swimming pool. He was quite excited and went running around the pool in the first ten minutes but cut the corner and fell in. We all had a laugh at the spluttering shock on his face when he surfaced and scrambled out as fast as he could.

Now, two weeks later, he has taken to the pool like a 'duck to water' and it's hard to get him out. He is having so much fun chasing balls and toys and doing laps. He is also loving the company of people and other dogs and it is hard to say when I have seen a happier dog.

If he gets any better, we may have to look around for some "Dog Olympics" to show off his skills.

Mowgli is a very happy dog with a wonderful nature especially with children and other dogs. He is over 5 years old but he is still a puppy at heart. He does have the energy of a Blue Heeler but he has always managed to keep busy so he doesn't dig or chew to our knowledge. He would make the very best family pet but I think it is safe to say that you might need a pool.

Failing that, regular trips to the Junction or to waterholes would be a MUST!!!
If you would like Mowgli to join your family, give Sue a ring on 0456664255 to meet him.


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