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Mulberry Has Matured Into A Magnificent Madam..

Little Mulberry (well not quite so little anymore) was returned to PHC with her buddy from recent months - Poplar (see previous post) - who was also a PHC adoption. Poplar was adopted about 10 months ago and Mulberry only about 4 months ago and they have just returned from Normanton two weeks ago..

Mulberry has grown quite a lot but is definitely not as big as she appears to be in her photos as she is on the smaller side of medium. Mulberry is quite timid when she meets strangers but it doesn't take long for her to come out of her shell and show herself to be a lively and playful girl. She loves other dogs and enjoys socialising with them.

Mulberry is one of the "berry" litter whose Rottweiler mum died only days after their birth. They were lovingly hand fed and cared for by Rache until their adoptions so they always saw themselves as part human. This girl would love to have her own family to look after her and include her in all their outings and activities.... She was born on 9 May this year so she is still a pup at just over 6 months.

Ring Sue on 0456664255 to arrange a 'meet and greet'.


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