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Muttley! Welcome Back to One of Our Returned Soldiers!

Now that Muttley has rejoined PHC, here is an update on our intrepid little traveller and a brief review of his time since he joined us in mid March last year.

Muttley was one of a litter of eight Staffy X pups which we rescued from the pound on 19 March 2018. We dubbed them "The Skeleton Crew" since they were little more than skeletons who had obviously suffered from serious neglect. In spite of this, every one of these survivors has the most amazing affectionate and placid natures.

However, Muttley suffered a few setbacks which delayed his chances of early adoption like his siblings. Firstly, his patella was broken which involved two lots of surgery to wire up the bone.... Then he endured more surgey many weeks later to remove the wires as he was still a growing pup and these would have hindered his development. He had no sooner recovered from this than his eye became inflamed and wouldn't heal... More surgery revealed that a very nasty grass seed with spiked ends had lodged itself in the socket behind his eye...

Through all of these traumas, Muttley was always cheerful and easy going... It is fair to say that I got to know him very well with our many checkups at the vet and I had a special spot for this delightful little man... He always greets everyone with enthusiasm but remains a total gentleman and doesn't jump on you.

None of these special attributes has changed in spite of several recent changes in his life... He went to live in Richmond in October and then moved to Ingham which didn't work out for him but still he displays a happy personality and is just so easy to love.

Let's make sure this boy has the happy ending he deserves and find him a loving home.... Ring Sue on 0456664255 or Paula on 0499198949 to meet him.


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