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MYKA - What A Little Jewel...


We have a new girl to introduce and her name is Myka... I looked up the meaning of her name on Google and it tells me that "kindness resides within her" and she is loyal and highly intelligent with a great character.... So far I think that describes our little lady to a T....


She is super cute and everyone who looked at her at the vet yesterday fell for her charms almost immediately... Her ears flopped in different directions and her little face was just adorable.... Last night she used the puppy pads straight away for toileting and fell asleep in her bed without a peep all night... Her foster carer Paula was very impressed as most pups are usually very unsettled for a few nights.


I keep using the adjective 'little' which is probably misleading as I think she is going to be a BIG girl... At this stage we put her age at about 3 months and feel she is a Bull Arab mix.

Myka is going to make some lucky family happy as she is both sweet and placid in nature... Of course she has all the usual playfulness of the pup which she is so she is sure to bring lots of fun with her.

Ring Sue on 0456664255 to meet this delightful bundle of brindle.


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