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Ever Popular Older Cattle Pups

Last Thursday proved to be a busy afternoon after we rescued 5 very young puppies (see Greek Goddesses) plus two older Cattle pups from the pound.

Both the latter pups are about 4 months old and, as can be expected from the breed, they have lots of energy. Surprisingly the two are not believed to be related even though they are a similar size and age and are both Cattle X pups. (Thank you to Karen and partner for fostering this duo!)

The female has a lovely white and red speckled coat with orange ears and a little stumpy tail for a bit of novelty. Her name is Neysa and she enjoys affection and is proving to be a smart lassie. Her partner in crime is Nike who is predominantly white with the most unusual shade of grey colouring his ears and speckling his muzzle and legs. Nike is another clever cookie who enjoys company and plays hard.
Both these delightful cattle dogs will respond well to training and will benefit from exercise so an active family would be great.

Ring Sue on 0456664255 to meet either of these friendly characters.


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