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Pretty As A Picture... Our New Supa "NOVA"


Yesterday we bailed out a delightful young lady from the pound - another case of being left behind by owners leaving town!!

Nova is a graceful pup around 8 months old and her unusual prance puts me in mind of a Greyhound so I think she is a mix of that breed and possibly a Bull Arab..

She is so friendly with people and has lots of love to give them but she is a bit wary of any new dogs which come into her sphere so growls... I think it is a nervous protective reaction which will soon disappear when she knows the 'stranger' will not hurt her.
Nova has a white coat with tan ears and some large polka dots on her body.. Her eyes are quite stunning with black highlights emphasising them...


This young lady surprised us with her good manners and already sits and is eager to shake your hand so her training is off to a good start. She is also used to being on a lead so would be great to take for walks.


To meet this pale beauty, ring Sue on 0456664255.


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